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Are the graphics and sounds also under the MIT license or just the game code?

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Sourcecode and graphics are MIT.

If the music is used the URL to the creator’s website has to be included. It is displayed in the main menu.

Sound effects… I don’t remember their origin unfortunately.

So not quite libre yet unfortunately.


Sweet DOOM like game, I was watching a video about DOOM then searched out 3D games LibGDX on Google and came upon this awesome piece of art!!!


Good game.


This is really impressive! I love the aesthetic and the controls are good! I think adding some sound effects for hitting the enemies and shooting would've gone a long way, but still, making this type of game in a week is awesome!


Reminded me of very good times in my life. Those DOS games and the early 3d era. Great work. Visuals and the level design are so unique. Also the graphic quality choice makes it even more special.


This was great. Love the throwback style, like doom and wolfenstein. Mouse was a tad sensitive. But not a big deal. That you managed it by the deadline is crazy. Good show!


Really enjoyed the game! 3D was a pleasant surprise, the level design was on point and the music+art combo was perfect, thanks for the experience <3